Dream Team

The town of Oxford is the New England leader in the manufactured housing industry and Oxford Homes enjoys the reputation of being the most consistent and effective producer.  The total estimated gross sales volume of the three manufacturers in Oxford is 30-35 million dollars annually and the combined volume for the local retail operations would be approximately 12 million yearly.

The experienced work force at Oxford Homes builds everything to meet or exceed all applicable building codes and housing construction standards.  Consistency and quality are assured by an independent third party testing agency like best kitchen remodeling contractor palm beach county, environmentally controlled building conditions, and modern technology.

Systems building at Oxford Homes affords other construction advantages as well.  Housing produced at Oxford Homes utilizes inside out construction methods for quality and efficiency, flexibility through computer assisted drafting and design (CADD) technology, and includes approximately 30% more materials than a comparable structure built on site.  With homes built in a manufacturing facility, the construction time is reduced by site and utility preparation being done concurrently with the building of the house as well as the home being 90% complete on the first day of installation.

Dream Team

The high value, low maintenance, quality product built at Oxford Homes is retailed by the most respected and reputable residential builder/distributors on the eastern seaboard.  In addition to thorough knowledge of the product and technical expertise in the housing industry, Oxford Homes requires all residential builder/distributors to be experts in sales, finance, and most importantly customer service.

Oxford Homes either installs its product with its own installation department or trains and certifies independent contractors to ensure proper assembling of its homes.  Therefore all Oxford Homes are installed pursuant to the independent 3rdparty stamped and approved manufacturer’s installation manual and plans.

All residential product built by Oxford Homes is covered by the Paul Bunyan Buyer Protection Plan which consists of a comprehensive one year – ten day workmanship warranty, a ten year structural warranty by Residential Warranty Corporation, and a twenty-five year system advantage roofing warranty by Owens Corning.  In addition to the warranty procedures that are followed by authorized Oxford Homes Residential Builder/Distributors, Oxford Homes maintains its own “Summit of Satisfaction” (SOS) customer service department.  Oxford Homes is noted for having one of the best customer service departments in the industry.

Oxford Homes is one of the few Manufactured Housing members of the Owens Corning Builder Alliance in the United States.  The certified Owens Corning “System Thinking” Housing built by Oxford Homes combines the latest insulating technology and construction techniques with high quality Owens Corning insulating and roofing products. These products are designed to give each Oxford Home maximum energy efficiency, lower heating costs, resistance to moisture, protection from the elements, and greater year round comfort.  The System Thinking Homes are constructed with 25 year warranty Owens Corning fiberglass roof shingles, 25 year warranty Owens Corning weather lock ice & water shield eave protection, 25 year warranty Owens Corning Ventsure ridge vent systems, as well as the 25 year System Advantage Extended Warranty for the entire roof system that is standard on all Oxford Homes product.

Oxford Homes is dedicated to continuous improvement and the advancement of the Manufactured Housing industry.  Oxford Homes is actively involved in, and members of, many professional and trade associations which include the following: the Manufactured Housing Association of Maine (MHAM), The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), The Building Systems Councils (BSC), The Maine Association of Homebuilders & Remodelers (HBRA), Modular Home Builders Association of Maine (MHBA), The New Hampshire Manufactured Housing Association (NHMHA), The Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), The Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association (CMHA), The Vermont Manufactured Housing Association (VMHA), the New York Manufactured Housing Association (NYMHA), The Northeast Manufactured Housing Association (NEMHA), The National Association of Realtors (NAR), The Western Maine Board of Realtors, The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), The Maine Wood Products Association (MWPA), The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), The Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce (OHCC), and The Growth Council of Oxford Hills.