Logo Design

These days, even the smallest of neighborhood lawn mowing services are branding themselves with professional looking business logos.

A great looking design can help your business to make a great first impression and allow you to become more familiar among your clients and the community. The lawn and landscaping business can be extremely competitive in some areas so a unique logo design can help you to stand out among all the other businesses.

Below we discuss some typical landscaping and lawn care logos and we offer some ideas on how you can get the design that you need to enhance your image and your reputation.

A Small Investment

While it may seem expensive to spend several hundred dollars on getting a logo done professionally you should look at it as a kind of investment. After all, it will be serving as the face of your brand for many years. In terms of your marketing budget, an effective logo design will probably offer you a better return on investment than any other marketing method. For this reason you should look beyond clip art and free templates and order a custom design directly from an experienced design firm.

Typical Images on Lawn Care and Landscaping Logos

For lawn business owners and landscapers it can be sensible to have a logo with images or symbols that people will automatically relate to. The obvious choices here include lawns, blades of grass, trees, plants and other garden greenery. Some logos in this industry also feature lawn care equipment such as lawn mowers. Others feature mascot characters of people, insects or animals. Some of the above images have become very over used in some markets but a good designer should be able to revitalize them and add a touch of originality.

Do a Google image search for ‘lawn care logos’ or ‘landscaping logos’ to get some ideas and also check out what kind of designs your local competition are using.

Choice of Color

Green is undoubtedly the most popular color choice for logos in these industries. Shades of light and dark green can work well individually or in combination. However, it may not be a bad idea to buck the trend and go for some other color options in order to stand out from other businesses.

Font or Lettering Style

Fonts can influence people’s impression of your business to a greater extent than you would at first imagine. A good designer will select a font that conveys the right messages about your business and services. The right font should also be clear, easy to read and in proportion with other aspects of the design. You may also want to consider adding a brief slogan as well as your company name.

Where to Use a Logo

Within reason, you should brand everything associated with your landscaping or lawn maintenance business with your logo. Most business owners in this game are out on the road for large parts of the day or are parked on the street next to the homes of their clients. With the potential for so much exposure you would be crazy not to have your logo design and contact details on your vehicle. Other places to display your logo include your website, business cards, promotional materials and even your uniforms.

Tips for Ordering

Many custom logo design companies on the Internet have extensive portfolios of designs that they have done for businesses in a variety of industries. Try to find some that have experience doing lawn care or landscaping business logos in the past so you get a fair idea of what you can expect in terms of quality.

Before you place your order you will have to complete a briefing form. Make sure that you give the design team as much information as you can about your business, the services that you offer and the kind of clientele that you hope to attract. You will then stand a better chance of getting a design that is relevant and appealing.

It is also extremely helpful if you can refer your designer to other logos that you like so that they have some idea of what style you are after. In addition, you could also refer them to the logos of your local competitors. They can come up with some designs that don’t look anything at all like the branding that your competition are using.

With a little bit of thought, research and investment you will be well on your way to getting the logo that you need to take your lawn care or landscaping business forward to success.